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Pump Sales, Pump Installation, & Solar Pumps in Sanger, California

Find the perfect pump system for your next project with pump sales from Pistacchio Pump CO. in Sanger, California. Let us do the work for you with our pump installation option. We provide the best pump services for any job and any budget.

Pump Sales
Come to us for all your pump systems sales needs. We carry a wide selection of pump systems and products for any use possible. We carry industrial pumps for commercial and agricultural use and home pumps for anything from painting equipment to swimming pools.

Solar Panel, Solar Pumps in Sanger, CA

Polar Pump, Solar Pumps in Sanger, CA

Pump Installation
Whether you need a new agricultural pump system or your sump pump needs replacing, Pistacchio Pump CO. has a crew and rig to install your new pump. We provide free estimates for all pump installations, and we also have a full-time service technician for agricultural and commercial pumps. Domestic pumps are installed within 24 hours, and all specialty pumps are built-to-order. We install any pump, including:

• Pool Pumps
• Booster Pumps
• Jet Pumps
• Submersible Pumps
• Turbine Pumps
• Custom-Built Pumps

Solar Power
Many farmers now use cost-saving solar power pump systems for agricultural water pumping. Let us show you how to take advantage of today's cutting edge technology. We are the experts in irrigation pumps and solar applications.

Contact us in Sanger, California, to for all your solar and regular pump sales and installation needs today.